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Andrea Bogard Prepares for Africa With Her New Signature Series Rifle

Andrea details her experience getting to know her new Signature Series Rifle named "Elsa"

Andrea is a Prostaff member of Best of the West Arizona and we are excited to have her as part of the family. She is headed to Africa and features her first impressions and practices with her new Signature Series rifle in preparation for her adventure. We are so excited that she loves her system and it fills us with pride that a seasoned hunter like herself is over the moon about her new system. If you want to read her remarks click the link below and follow her journey to Africa with her new Signature Series she has named "Elsa".

Good luck and safe travels in Africa Andrea! We can't wait to see the trophy pictures when you get back! And to view all our options Visit our Shooting Systems page for our custom platforms or the Ready to Ship page for rifles ready to hunt as soon as they arrive.

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