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Accurizer Services

Watch Paul breakdown the process!

An Accurizer Service by Best of the West Arizona (BOTWAZ) is a time-tested and proven method for maximizing the ballistic performance of your rifle. This service is intended to transform your hunting rifle into a comprehensive long-range shooting system enabling you to confidently and consistently harvest big game at extended ranges.


We regularly Accurize a variety of makes and models of rifles including Remington, Winchester, Browning, Christensen Arms, Ruger, Tikka, Nosler, as well as AR and tactical platforms. You can even purchase popular production brands through us and save over retail!


An Accurizer Service is a multi-step process consisting of the following:

1. Professional Scope Mount: The first step in this process is a scope mount where our Long-Range Technicians (LRT’s) carefully affix your optic using professional-grade tools and techniques, ensuring proper torque of rings and bases, lapping when necessary, to include a precision level. 

2. Barrel Break-In (Seasoning): We skip this step if your rifle’s been shot or the barrel properly seasoned. Barrel break-in is a systematic process using bore paste to remove or soften imperfections in the barrel left behind by the machining process (all barrels have imperfections – this is normal). This procedure helps ensure your barrel is ready for the next phase of the Accurizing process.

3. Load Testing: In this phase of service our LRT’s test various bullet types, weights and brands to find the load/bullet that shoots best through your barrel. The importance of this phase cannot be overstated! Too often hunters force feed a particular bullet into a gun based on nothing more than an article they read or the recommendation of a friend. But because every barrel is inherently different, they tolerate ammunition in their own individual way. Simply put, we don’t tell your gun what to shoot, we let your rifle tell us what it prefers. We work hard to find as accurate a load as possible for your system. Although most production rifles are marketed as 1 MOA shooters, we’ve had great success exceeding manufacturer’s specifications. Our end goal here is to maximize the ballistic performance of your system.


4. Data Collection: Ballistic and environmental data is needed to create your custom yardage turret. To collect valid data, we shoot your rifle at short, medium and long ranges (generally 200, 500 and 1,000 yards). We collect ballistic data such as muzzle velocity, as chronographed by our LRT’s, and click value data. We also collect environmental data from the day we shoot your gun to include elevation, temperature, barometric pressure and humidity.

The data we collect is then entered into our proprietary ballistic program which perfects the data creating a custom drag model for your bullet. Our computer then laser etches your custom Huskemaw dual-stack yardage turret based on that drag model. Each Huskemaw turret we make is as unique as a fingerprint. Your turret will be specifically calibrated to your bullet’s distinctive performance characteristics.

In the end, your individual rifle will be transformed into a comprehensive long-range shooting system that will enable you to repeatably harvest big game at extended ranges. Like a finely tuned machine, your long-range system will shoot with remarkable accuracy and be simple and easy to use. No more laminated cards taped to your stock, no more fumbling with ballistic calculators in the moment of truth. Simply RANGE, DIAL and SHOOT and NEVER MISS AGAIN! That’s the Huskemaw Advantage!

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Accurized Remington Sendero

Huskemaw 5-30x56 Tactical Hunter


Hunter used his fathers Accurized 300 Win Mag to hammer this buck at over 800 yards! His dad is quoted as saying, “An accurate rifle topped with a Huskemaw scope is a killer combination!” We agree!

Chris trusted us with his hunt of a lifetime. In 2019 he opted for our Huskemaw 5-20BD on his AZ bighorn hunt and the rest is history. Chris is a converted fan who now sings the praises of the Huskemaw Advantage!

This Accurized Remington is topped with our Huskemaw 5-20x50 Blue Diamond and harvested this amazing Mule Deer buck at over 500 yards!

Another great harvest by A-Z Outfitters using their Accurized Remington 700 Sendero. This Coues deer was harvested at 600 yards by this happy young man.

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