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Custom Turret Order Form

Fill out the form below with as much information as possible and we will process your order and ship to you. We will contact you promptly after you submit the form and send you an invoice. 


When you purchase a Huskemaw Scope, you are entitled to one (1) FREE custom turret.

Need more info? See Our Recommendations Below
Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or need assistance. 


PHONE: 480-748-2200


SELECT ONE: Redeeming your Free Custom Turret with New Scope Purchase or Requesting a New Custom Turret
Basic Required Information
Scope Type
Turret Type:
Environmental Data
(At The Time Data Was Collected)
Hunt Location Data
(Enter the information that we will design your turret for i.e. Elevation/temp of the location where you are hunting)
Enter the information below according to the location the initial data was collected, for an even more precise Custom Turret.
This requires manual field data collection.
Ballistic Data

Thanks for submitting! We'll Reach Out To Confirm Shipping and Payment

Helpful Information When Choosing Your Turrets

Option 1: Dual Temperature / Dual Elevation Turret
This turret will create a (1) specific elevation and (1) specific temperature for the outer turret, and (1) specific elevation and (1) specific temperature for the inner turret. 

Example 3,000ft /60F (outer) & 7,000ft/40F (inner).
Option 2: Continuous Yardage turret
This turret will provide one (1) specific elevation and one (1) specific temperature.  The outer turret will be etched for as much yardage as can be printed (e.g. 900 yds), then the inner will start at 900 yards and continue to allow as much yardage as can be printed (e.g. 1400 yards).  
Important Note
Turrets are ballistically valid for 2,000ft variance. This means your 2,000ft/60F turret is reliable down to sea level and up to 4,000ft. Performing a long-range zero will help compensate for the differences between your custom turret calibrations and actual environmental conditions.
Custom Turret Helpful Info

Precision Hunting Supply Recommendations

We set up the majority of our customers with 2 dual elevation / dual temperature turrets

#1- 2,000ft/60F (outer) & 5,000ft/50F (inner) 

#2- 6,000ft/40F (outer) & 9,000ft/30F (inner)

This enables the customer to hunt anywhere from sea level to 11,000ft without needing a different turret setup.  
For customers who generally hunt a specific area, without significant variance in elevation or temperature, the continuous yardage turret may be a good option. Please call for more information. 
PHS Reccomendations
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