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Is An Accurizer Service Right For You?

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Improving your long-range accuracy by customizing your Huskemaw Optic system.

Since we opened our doors three years ago, our ACCURIZER SERVICE has been immensely popular with customers. The idea of taking your rifle, adding a Huskemaw optic to it, and transforming it into a long-range hunting system is one that more and more hunters are excited about. Our shop is busy year-round doing Accurizer jobs and demand for this service is rapidly increasing, but is an Accurizer Service right for you?

What does the service involve?

To be clear, an Accurizer Service is where we pair your rifle with the Huskemaw Optic of choice. We start by seasoning your barrel to prepare it for long-range shooting then mount your new scope. After that, we test various bullets and loads to find the combination your rifle shoots best. Once we have a load grouping sub-MOA we then shoot your gun at 200, 500, and 1,000 yards to capture your bullets' unique flight characteristics in real-time. We’re determining your actual muzzle velocity and bullet drop all the while validating performance at all ranges.

Once we have your data we enter it into our proprietary software program to determine your bullet's true ballistic coefficient and create a custom drag model for your bullet. From there, our computer has the information it needs to etch your custom turrets. Each turret we make is as unique as a fingerprint. There is no other one exactly like it because we make it from the unique and specific ballistic data collected from your rifle. That’s why our systems are so deadly accurate! As a shooting school student once put it, an Accurizer Service is like “tuning an engine for max performance.” He was exactly right, our Accurizer Service helps maximize the ballistic potential of your rifle. Our process is a bit labor-intensive, but in the end, you’re going to have something other hunters do not - The Huskemaw Advantage!

The Huskemaw Advantage

Huskemaw Optics and their respective turrets have some distinct advantages over other optics. First, our scopes are made for hunting. Not bench rest or competition shooting, HUNTING. We’re hunters and we love the simplicity of the Huskemaw reticle. It’s simple and easy to use without a lot of the clutter you see in many other brands. The glass meets the highest standards in the industry and is made from the same places many other premium manufacturers buy from.

Huskemaw Optics are also very durable optics. We beat ours up and they always hold true zero and are reliable in the moment of truth. The internal bubble level on the Tactical Hunter line is an amazing tool that allows the shooter to anti-cant and get level without having to look up and break cheek weld.

The custom yardage turret is where the rubber meets the road though with the Huskemaw system. While others may claim they make a comparable product, the short answer is: they do not. Remember our turrets are created from actual field data collected specifically from your rifle. We’re not using generic data printed on the side of a box of ammo but rather unique and specific data directly from your gun.

Huskemaw turrets also come in dual stacks to allow shooters to extend their range or to choose from more than one elevation when hunting. Your wind solution is also printed on the turret. This is patented by Huskemaw so no one else can do this. Having your wind solution on the turret makes compensating for wind fast and easy, saving valuable time and frustration on your most important long-range variable.

Once you’ve used a Best of the West/Huskemaw system it’s really hard to go back to using tactical-style reticles, counting clicks, using ballistic calculators, or taping bullet drop cards to your stock. Huskemaw systems are quick and simple to use, just RANGE, DIAL, and SHOOT!

In my most biased opinion, Huskemaw is the finest long-range hunting optic you could choose and the entire scope is backed by Huskemaw’s Lifetime Warranty. This may surprise you as no one ever talks about it because it’s rarely, if ever, needed.

Can I Bring In My Own System?

Accurizer Services are almost always performed on a rifle that customers drop off or ship to us. In most cases, these are production rifles you can buy at any major sporting goods store. Gun manufacturers vary as do their claims of accuracy. While some models do come with an accuracy claim such as “Sub-MOA”, many others do not. When a manufacturer fails to make an accuracy claim it's an indicator that they’ve made no special effort to ensure it shoots groups tight enough to consistently produce ethical kills at extended ranges. While a new stock and a bed job may help improve accuracy it’s important to consider that the base rifle (the barreled action) wasn’t designed for precision shooting. Many times we’re able to get these systems to group by using premium ammo or after some routine gunsmithing but there’s never any guarantee it’ll work out that way. Anytime you use a low-dollar production gun as your long-range platform you’re taking a risk with the outcome. Some rifles just can’t be made into long-range precision shooters, at least ones that we’d feel comfortable putting our name on or letting you use in good conscience. The point here is that whenever possible choose a competent shooting platform that the manufacturer has stated will meet at least a Sub-MOA standard.

Some customers come to us because they have a favorite rifle in the safe they want to breathe new life into. An old “Go-To” that has sentimental value or that's served them well in the past. Again, we generally have good luck getting these systems to work and meet our standards but doing so may require some upgrades such as a new stock or trigger, action-bedding, or free-floating the barrel.

What's It Going To Cost Me?

Another reason an Accurizer Service may be right for you is your budget. Most discussions I have with customers include the question, “What’s your budget?” That's because you get what you pay for in the long-range hunting world. Anyone who takes their hunting seriously and who hunts in long-range country is better off with a custom rifle made from premium components and assembled by a competent gunsmith. This will always be your best option, however, not everyone can spend $7 - $10K on a long-range system even though that’s what it costs to own the best. When compared to a $3K - $4K Accurizer Service the latter may be the only option.

In Conclusion...

Demand for Accurizer Services from Best of the West Arizona is increasing every day. An Accurizer Service is a great way to get into a turn-key long-range system for less than a custom rifle. If you are serious about your long-range hunting and a custom rifle is within your budget that's the route you should go. You will always be better off long-range hunting with a rifle made from high-quality components assembled by skilled technicians. However, when buying a production rifle, be sure the manufacturer makes a claim of accuracy of at least Sub-MOA. When in doubt give us a call and we’ll steer you in the right direction, we may even be able to save you some money on the cost. If you're bringing us a rifle to Accurize, as long as it’ll group Sub-MOA, we can make a long-range shooter out of it. With the addition of a Huskemaw Optic and custom yardage turret, you’ll be harvesting game at ranges you never thought possible. Shoot us a call to learn more!


If you have enjoyed this service on your own rifle or have questions regarding the process, leave a comment below!

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BRETT was super helpful in accurizing my gun with them. dont think it will be the last


Jun 02, 2022

I had the accurizer service done last year! TOP NOTCH SERVICE by the way! Although I haven't been able to hunt with the rifle myself yet, my wife on the other hand has had great luck on a couple of long range kills with it. I've shot it plenty and love it but this year I'll be hunting with it for the first time on my New Mexico Barbary Sheep hunt 🤘🏻

Replying to

Thank you!


Very informative article. No questions unanswered. Thank you for educating me on this service.

Replying to

Thank you Terry!

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