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Close Encounters and Customer Bonds: Precision Hunting Supply's Memorable New Mexico Adventure

PHS's Own Brett Broman Details His Role Supporting Customers in Their Pursuit of Prized Elk in New Mexico.

New Mexico Wilderness
Undisclosed New Mexico Wilderness, the Perfect Area for Adventure and Pursuit of Prized Elk

Recently, Precision Hunting Supply's own Brett Broman had an opportunity to join a customer on a rifle bull elk hunt in Northern New Mexico.

Day 1

Opening morning was calm and brisk, with numerous bulls bugling around us once we arrived in our area. A brief discussion soon had us heading in the direction we thought a good bull might be. As dawn was breaking, we caught movement through the trees about 600 yards away in a meadow. It was a bull and his harem of cows, some bedded, some up and feeding. The bull was a solid 6x6, but after a few minutes of watching him chasing his ladies, we decided he wasn't quite what the hunter was after, and quietly crept our way out so as to not disturb this group. The next few hours we chased a few more bugles, but never found anything which sparked our interest. The afternoon hunt started off with a number of bulls bugling in a new area. The bulls were so vocal, we actually heard them from inside the truck as we were driving down the road! We parked and started heading in the direction of the noisy bulls, but it was evident they were on the move and not staying in one place.

Over the next few hours, and miles on the boots later, we finally caught up to them and got set up in an area we felt they’d soon be. The wind was in our favor, the evening was calm, and the bugles were frequent. We finally saw a cow elk step out 200 yards away feeding, and there was a bugle not far away from her. Our hopes were that he would step out before the light faded so we could make a decision, or at least know what kind of bull we were after. Moments later, we caught movement off to our 9 o’clock, and here comes the bull at only 150 yards away. A really beautiful 6x6 with ivory tips and a bugle that would rattle even the most experienced of hunters.

The light was fading fast, but we couldn't move our setup without being busted, so all we were able to do was wait and hope he walked to where his cows were. Unknown to us, another cow had slipped in between him and the other cow, and that's when the wind shifted. I immediately felt a slight breeze on the back of my neck, and knew it was all but over. Moments later, she barked at us and the bull froze, scanning the area looking for what may be the cause of concern. At only 100 yards away, we could only watch as the bull slipped between the trees out of sight and into the night. While disappointing, it was such a tremendous encounter being so close to sealing the deal on such a magnificent animal.

Day 2

The next morning greeted us with 30 mph winds and only two very distant bugles of bulls clearly moving into their bedding areas to escape the weather. The remainder of the morning was uneventful, with the exception of being surrounded by such beauty that northern New Mexico had to offer. Fall was in full effect, leaves were changing, and the feeling of being a small part in a huge world came over us. While we didn’t see any bulls, we saw plenty of deer and turkey which helped pass the time. The rest of the morning and into early afternoon the weather worsened, with a small system passing through that dropped some much needed moisture on the landscape and really cooled it down. It was just what was needed to get the bulls fired up!

After stepping out of the truck for our evening hunt, we heard a bugle, then another, then another. They were all around us! We paused for a moment and tried to gauge which bull we wanted to go after, taking into account the prevailing wind and likely topography we may encounter. We collaborated and chose to head west after the bull that simply sounded the best. We estimated the bull to be a mile away, so we packed up and hit the hills. The next 30 minutes were simply amazing, hearing bugle after bugle…..and in all directions. It was evident there was something amazing happening in the elk woods today!

We snuck in as close as we could, got set up, and finally caught a glimpse of the bull we were hearing all this time. Another really nice 6x6 making his way through the trees at about 100 yards. I know, this seems close for a rifle hunt, but the heavily wooded landscape provided us the opportunity to get in tight. We pulled up our optics and saw a great framed 6x6, looked at each other and I asked if he liked him, to which he replied “yes I do”. We quietly set up our shooting position and waited for the bull to step into the clearing at 100 yards which he was headed for. The bull stepped into the clearing, the rifle barked, and we could tell the bull was hit hard! A few bugles and cow calls to calm things down, and we walked over to his bull. A very nice 6x6! Congratulations we're made and we immediately got to work as the darkness was coming fast…. let the work begin!! All the while bulls continue to bugle in every direction. What a great experience.

A nice 6x6 elk ethically harvested by PHS Customer and Friend
A nice 6x6 elk ethically harvested by PHS Customer and Friend

Here at Precision Hunting Supply (PHS), we are so thankful for the relationships that have been made over the years with our customers. So much so that we are often invited on great adventures like this one. Not for compensation, not for gratuity, just because we love what we do and being in the outdoors. We're experts in what we do, so if there’s an opportunity to help on a hunt and there’s room for us to tag along, shoot us a call!

Get in the field, enjoy the outdoors, and remember to support your fellow hunter.

Brett Broman

Precision Hunting Supply


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