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Signature Series Tactical Edition

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Our Signature long-range hunting system! Our proprietary carbon fiber Signature Series stock with adjustable cheek rest is ergonomically designed to improve the shooter's eye alignment. The flat-bottom fore-stock ensures the rifle rests steadily on a backpack, in our leather tripod head or on other improvised rests while the adjustable comb aligns your eye for fast target acquisition. Action-bedded and free-floated barrel contribute to the Signature Series supreme accuracy and consistency. Featuring a premium action, Huskemaw Optic, muzzle brake, and premium trigger, this rifle is the gold standard long-range hunting rifle.


  • Best of the West Signature Series Carbon Fiber Stock (Adjustable Cheek Rest)

  • 14 ¾” Length Of Pull

  • Choice of colors and finishes

  • Choice of Barrel

  • Side-port muzzle brake

  • Bipod Picrail (optional)

  • Choice of Trigger

  • Choice of Huskemaw Long-Range Optic

  • Action-bedded and free floated barrel

  • Lifetime Warranty on all Huskemaw Optics

  • 1/2 MOA Accuracy Guarantee

  • Verified to 1,000 Yards!

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  • TSA APPROVED - Large SKB hard case w/integrated soft case

  • Properly broken-in and seasoned barrel with proven accuracy up to 1000 yards

  • 40 rounds of ammo

  • Data Collection for 2 Custom Dual-Stack turrets

  • Huskemaw Scopecoat

  • Huskemaw Sunshade

  • Huskemaw Switchview Lever

  • Windmeter

  • 20 MOA Rings

  • Lens Cloth

Just Range, Wind, Dial, and Send It with Confidence

We proudly recommend pairing your BOTW rifle with a Huskemaw Optic. The Huskemaw Long-Range Advantage is the only rifle scope with patented technology that allows both distance and windage adjustments from a single turret without calculation, extending your effective range and delivering confidence in every shot.

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