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A custom rifle for under $7K!! The Best of the West ALTOPO is the most accurate and affordable long-range hunting system in its class! Pioneered and proven for the serious long range hunter, the ALTOPO is your all-in-one, any-time, any terrain complete shooting system.


Available in 6.5 PRC or 300 PRC, the ALTOPO Shooting System features a beautifully-crafted 24” spiral fluted, threaded barrel and muzzle brake on a McMillan Carbon Fiber Stock with a topographical map design and a TriggerTech trigger. The ALTOPO shooting system includes a Huskemaw 5-20x50 Blue Diamond scope, Hawkins Scope Rings, Dual Stack Turret with outer for 3000’ and inner for 7000’ and a Huskemaw Wind Meter. Factory-zeroed with proven accuracy to shoot sub-MOA groups at 1,000 yards, and also including a Boyt Lockable Hard Case and two boxes of factory ammo, this complete shooting system is ready for use straight out of the box!


  • McMillan Carbon Fiber Stock

  • 24” Steel Spiral Fluted Barrel

  • Side-Port Muzzle Brake

  • Bighorn action with integrated picrail

  • Hawkins Rings

  • Trigger Tech Trigger

  • Action-bedded and free-floated barrel

  • Factory Zeroed

  • Available in 6.5PRC and 300PRC

  • Sub-MOA Accuracy Guaranteed and Verified to 1,000 Yards

  • Lifetime Warranty on all Huskemaw Optics

  • “Topo” terrain finish

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  • Huskemaw Windmeter

  • Boyt Lockable Hard Case

  • Two Boxes (40 Rounds) of Premium Ammo

  • One Dual-Stack Turret (3K/7K)

Just Range, Wind, Dial, and Send It with Confidence

We proudly recommend pairing your BOTW rifle with a Huskemaw Optic. The Huskemaw Long-Range Advantage is the only rifle scope with patented technology that allows both distance and windage adjustments from a single turret without calculation, extending your effective range and delivering confidence in every shot.

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