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Remembering Dominic Pasquale: A Closer Look at Long-Range Hunting Ethics with Huntin’ Fool

Updated: May 10, 2023

Best of the West was featured in a recent Huntin’ Fool article detailing ethics and training when preparing for a hunt. The article also pays tribute to the late Dominic Pasquale, a friend of BOTWAZ and the Long-Range Community.

On behalf of everyone at BOTWAZ and all that knew Dominic Pasquale, we continue to offer our condolences to his family and friends. It is clear to all who knew Dominic that he had a passion for long-range hunting, and his contributions will be sorely missed. It is heartwarming to see how much he was appreciated and considered a great friend by those who knew and worked with him. Thank you to Huntin’ Fool for acknowledging Dominic and his commitment to his family, friends, ethics, and the sport we all love.

Dominic Pasquale posed with a Best of the West rifle
Dominic Pasquale posed with a Best of the West rifle

Regarding the article itself, the concept of long-range hunting is indeed controversial, and the ethics surrounding it are understandably debated. The article rightly points out that understanding one's personal limitations and the abilities of one's equipment are key to answering ethical questions around this topic. It is important to remember that long-range hunting should only be practiced by those who are ethical, proficient shooters with the right equipment. At BOTWAZ, we take this consideration to heart and believe that we each hold a responsibility to make ethical decisions in the field, respect our limitations, and respect the incredible privilege we have to harvest this game to provide for our family.

The benefits of long-range hunting are also explored in this article, including increasing effective range, having a better-shot set-up, capitalizing on the moment, and obtaining optimal table fare.

However, it is important to note that these benefits should not be the primary driving force behind long-range hunting, as ethical considerations should always come first.

In terms of training, the article provides useful tips, tactics, and drills for solidifying one's path to effective long-range hunting, including establishing a starting point, training with the elements, and practicing in the prone position. At BOTWAZ we take pride in offering high-level training programs for groups and private sessions where we cover in detail all the skills necessary for ethical and effective long-range hunting.

Overall, while long-range hunting may not be for everyone, the article provides thoughtful insights into the topic and encourages readers to consider the ethics and personal limitations associated with it.

Check out the Huntin’ Fools article here and continue to practice, perfect, and respect all aspects of the sport we love so much:

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