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Partner Outfitters

Our Partner Outfitters use Best of the West and Huskemaw Optic long-range hunting systems. 
More importantly, these outfitters are our friends, hunting buddies, and business partners and we proudly recommend and endorse their services. 

For more information call Paul at: 480-682-7763
or email: 


James Fleming Guiding

Full-time hunting guide: AZ, CO, WY - Public Land, "Limited Opportunity", OTC, General season hunts.

Trophy Hunts of Sonora

Led by expert guides Pat Romero and George Alcorta, sporting over 30 years of hunting and guiding experience, Trophy Hunts of Sonora help hunters routinely harvest trophy specimens of Mexico's and Arizona’s most desired big game animals. 

Arizona High Country Outfitters

Led by Johnny Casner and his nearly 40 years of experience, Arizona High Country Outfitters is regarded as one of the TOP BIG BULL ELK hunting outfitters in the state of Arizona. They also have success in harvesting BIG MULE DEER, Antelope, Turkey, Mountain Lion, Javalina, and a variety of varmints/predators such as bobcats, and coyotes.

A-Z Outfitters

Guide service specializing in AZ units 22, 23, 27 and more for deer, elk, bear, lion, and more. Visit our FB page for contact info and availability.

Antler Canyon Outfitters

Toby Weaver, Owner and CEO, is personally committed to professionalism, integrity and maximum effort. Toby has built his business with the desire to set the standard for excellence in all facets of your hunting experience from your gear to the know how to get the most out of your hunt. 

Goodman Outfitters

Goodman Outfitters was established in 1989 by Ty Goodman. This guiding business specializes in Trophy hunts such as Coues Deer, Elk, Antelope and Mule Deer. We hunt all throughout Arizona but specialize in unit 23, Unit 22, and 12 A West also known as the Kaibab.

Lucky Canyon Outfitters

LCO is owned and operated by

Dan Zellner.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we eat, sleep and breathe hunting and conservation. We spend time- Scouting trophy animals and preparing for hunts to ensure TOP QUALITY hunts. At LCO, we offer full-service outfitted hunts across Arizona.

Phone: (928) 821-6670

Cedar Ridge Outfitters

Located close to Casper, WY, Cedar Ridge offers exclusive rights for deer hunting on 50,000 acres of private property and access to over 150,000 acres of BLM and State lands. They also feature lodging and guiding services in Deer, Elk, and Antelope areas. 

Guilliam Guide Service

Phone: 480-204-2903

Guilliam’s Guide Service is owned and operated by Destry Guilliam. He’s been hunting since he could walk. Specializing in Mule Deer, Coues Deer and Elk in units 22, 24b, 23, 3a3c, 4B, 6A, 17b, 17A, 19a and the Kiabab. Have a different species or a different unit?  We can help with that too! Reach out via Facebook/Instagram or phone/email to discuss how we can help on your next hunt!

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Licensed Guides/Outfitters may qualify for our "Pro Pricing" Program. Pro Pricing extends significant discounts to industry professionals willing to use, promote and endorse our products and services. Professional guides/outfitters who work in the industry hosting hunting clients and who have an active social media presence and who meet our criteria are eligible for deep discounts on all our offerings.
This offer is exclusively from 'Best of the West Arizona'.

Inquire Today!
Paul: 480-682-7763
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