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Best of the West Arizona is now
'Precision Hunting Supply'

Best of the West Arizona, founded in 2019, aimed to assist hunters in achieving success through top-quality optics, shooting systems, and services. Partnering with Best of the West Arms and Huskemaw Optics, we provided high-quality gear for uncompromising hunters.


Our 'Accurizer Service' featuring Huskemaw Optics has driven significant growth of our business over the years and has helped fuel our evolution to 'Precision Hunting Supply'.


While changing names, we maintain our commitment to exceptional products and service. We're looking forward to becoming a more independent entity and fostering new relationships across the industry.   


Under our new name, 'Precision Hunting Supply', we will offer a broader range of products and services while honoring our original relationship with Best of the West Arms and Huskemaw Optics.


Our signature Accurizer Service remains a cornerstone service in our arsenal, transforming production rifles into effective long-range systems. This unique offering sets us apart from most in the industry. As you know, we don't cut corners!


Thank you all for your enduring support and please remember, Precision Hunting Supply is your NEW destination for exceptional products and services!

Transition Stages

As we execute the transition, be sure to keep up on Social Media and via Email to stay in the know with new and exciting announcements from the PHS team!
  • Announcing The New Brand Name

  • Change Google My Business Profile from BOTWAZ to Precision Hunting Supply.

    • When you search for us on Google, you may need to use our new name to find us as we transition.

  • Change FB and IG Names from Best of the West Arizona to Precision Hunting Supply

    • If you are currently following the BOTWAZ page, you do not need to take any action. You will automatically be following PHS on all platforms. Going Forward, all information, posts, and announcements will come from Precision Hunting Supply and new followers should search “Precision Hunting Supply” and read in the bio “Formerly Best of the West Arizona”

  • Website Redirect to

    • Once we are ready to transition the URL, we will create a redirect so if you type in "" or search for "Best of the West Arizona" you will be directed to The site is staying the same, just under a new URL.

  • The Soft Opening of our all-new Brink and Morter Store! - Date TBD

    • Coming Soon, we will be opening our doors to the public in Mesa, AZ. More details to come!

  • The Grand Opening of our Brick and Morter Store! - Date TBD

Let’s Work Together

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